Fox Financial Planning Network is transforming the way advisors operate by providing the training, tools, templates, workflows and consulting to systematize the delivery of financial services.

Our advanced workflow system is part of our comprehensive program, however you may also access the system without the program if you prefer. For more information on just the workflow system, please click here More Info

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HOW TO BUILD A ROBO-SHIELD FOR YOUR FINANCIAL ADVISORY FIRM: 20 Effective Tactics to Marginalize the Effects of Robo-Advisers

The Starbucks Experience: Why Developing a “Starbucks Client Experience” is the Key to Sustainability, Profitability and Growth.

The Integrated Practice: Uniting Systems, Technology, Practice Management & Human Capital to Create an Efficient, Profitable & Enjoyable Financial Advisory Business.

The “Starbucks Experience” Part 2: Using Technology to Personalize the Client Service Experience.

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  • Deborah’s network and training has been a great benefit for my business.  She has provided the tools, templates, workflows and motivation to systematize my financial planning practice.  The training program has allowed me to charge higher fees and provide greater service to my existing clients as well as providing a more marketable and tangible system for future clients.  Plus I was able to go right to work.   I was able use this system with a client eight weeks after the first training session. This training will save me literally hundreds of hours of trying to reinvent the wheel.  I appreciate Deborah taking the time to share her systems and experience.Brad B., Hales Corner, Wisconson

  • Over the many years that I have worked in financial planning, I have seen countless programs that only dealt with limited aspects of the business.  Many of these programs focused solely on sales, practice management or technical issues of portfolio management. Therefore, I had my initial doubts when I first considered Deborah's training program. However, my doubts soon vanished as I quickly discovered that Deborah’s program was delivering the full package. It is not only detailed technical delivery of services, but also covered approaches to building relationships with clients, and practice management. Deborah thoughtfully presents her services in an extremely effective and logical way; and it was nice to see that Deborah uses all the components in her own practice. I do not hesitate to say that the value of the business I have developed has far exceeded the investment I have made in Deborah's training. It is clear that Deborah’s program is helping me move forward in building my dream practice. This is a program for anyone desiring to build a systematized comprehensive financial planning practice, and looking to do so for the greatest return on investment of your time and money.

    Josh Y., CPA, CFP, Mercer Island, WA

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