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“How to Utilize Robo Technology To Profit From the Revolution”
Part 2 of the How to Build a Robo-Shield™ Series

 A seismic shift is emerging in the robo technology space. Many robos have pivoted away from the direct-to-consumer model to instead work directly with early adopter financial advisory firms.

San Diego, CA – February 9, 2016. Fox Financial Planning Network (FFPN) is announcing today the availability of a new industry white paper, which is the first practical guide for choosing and implementing robo technology within a financial advisory firm.

The report covers the different robo varieties and service models, how robo tech is being used today and the four types of clients to serve and how. Advisers are also provided with four specific actions they can take to protect their firms from the fee compression triggered by the direct-to-consumer robo-advisers.

Much has been written in the industry recently about the evolving robo technology offerings. This report is different since it is focused on specific solutions for successful business planning and designing the practice management pieces for implementing robo technology. The report will help firms decide which the type of robo technology will be the right fit for streamlining operations, automating more workflow processes and maintaining profitability in a more transparent, price aware marketplace.

“It’s not a matter of advisers deciding if they will use robo tech”, said Deborah Fox, CEO and founder of FFPN. “Instead, it’s a matter of them deciding when. Within the next five years, all leading firms will be using some type of robo tech. And those who implement early will have a rare opportunity to differentiate themselves in the marketplace and accelerate business growth.”

The report also provides ideas for advisory firms about how to offer and price various service tiers for both their high net worth clients and their children and grandchildren, and also for other investors who do not meet their firm minimums. Deborah Fox provides a wealth of practice management advice on how robo technology can be leveraged to efficiently serve each of these client categories.

“We are experiencing a very real technology revolution that will forever change how financial advice firms operate on a day-to-day basis.” said Fox. “Financial advisory firms will need to utilize robo tech to remain competitive and make it easier for their clients to do business with them. Our new report provides dozens of ideas on how to do that.”

The new report, the second in the Build a Robo-Shield™ series from FFPN, introduces readers to various decisions that need to be made when adding robo technology. As a follow-on, the AdvisorTouch Robo Practice Management program deeply expands what is covered in the report. In March the AdvisorTouch Robo program will assist six specially selected advisory firms to be part of a group who will collaborate while being coached by Deborah Fox over six months to successfully launch robo tech services at their firms. The six firms will have an opportunity to be featured in industry media as their progress is documented. Advisory firms can request to be considered to be part of the group by emailing by February 20th.

The new report is available on and can be downloaded at no cost by clicking here.

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FFPN recently made available the very first comprehensive practice management program for choosing, setting up and marketing robo-tech services. Its purpose is to assist firms with successful adoption and implementation of robo technology in the shortest time possible. More information can be found at

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