The first program of its kind

Fox Financial Planning Network™ is not like other coaching programs that teach concepts such as goal setting, strategic planning, marketing or client segmentation. This program provides fully documented processes on how to systematize your practice and the specifics of how to prepare for and conduct each financial planning topic meeting so you can upgrade the level of service you provide to your clients.

This is a detailed step-by-step system with training and a members-only resource center that enables you to immediately begin to offer a fully systematized, comprehensive financial planning/wealth management process to your clients using a flat annual retainer or with a combination of an annual retainer and an assets under management (AUM) fee revenue model.

You will be provided with a system of extensive documented workflows, procedures, scripts, templates, training and support.

Documented Workflow System

Members of our Network tell us that our completely documented workflow template is alone worth the membership fee. What exactly are documented workflows? It’s where every daily, weekly, monthly and annual client and back office task and procedure is completely systematized and in writing. A documented workflow system is the foundation of the best-run practices.

Our research has found that only a very small percentage of financial advisors have a detailed workflow system in place. We believe the reason most advisors don’t have documented workflows is twofold: 1) They haven’t yet identified all of their office tasks in detail and 2) the process of doing so and then writing procedures is laborious and time consuming; and even if they would like to make the effort, they don’t know where to begin.

We’ve eliminated the barriers for you! By becoming a member of Fox Financial Planning Network™, you can insert a fully documented workflow system into your practice within the first 30 days because Deborah will hand over her own personal workflow system to you! (This one benefit of becoming a member can alone potentially save you hundreds of hours of time.) Deborah’s workflow template has all the tasks for both advisors and assistants documented, as well as the written procedures that accompany the tasks. You can take Deborah’s workflow template and use it as is or tweak it to fit how you run your practice.

Deborah’s workflow system will allow you to immediately systematize all aspects of your practice, delegate tasks to the people who should be responsible for them and protect you from disaster striking if a key member of your team decides to leave (since you will be able to get new hires up and running fast by referring them to the documented procedures you have in place). Just think how much more smoothly and efficiently everyone on your team can work and how you can upgrade the level of service you can provide to clients when you have a fully systematized and documented practice. After implementing a complete workflow system into your practice you won’t know how you ever used to function without one!

Our Workflow System is pre-embedded into multiple industry CRMs. Contact us to learn more!

Deborah’s Proprietary Planning Process

Deborah’s proprietary planning process is constructed in such a way that an advisor can deliver services in a consistent, yet highly personalized manner. Most importantly, the client participates in the process throughout and there is great emphasis on implementation along the way so that once the initial engagement is complete, the client has a fully implemented comprehensive financial plan according to their goals and values.

You can learn the process from the comfort of your own office or home. You will get personally trained by Deborah in eight recorded video training sessions delivered twice per month during the first and sixth month and then one session per month during months two through five.

The eight main topics to cover with each financial planning client and specifically how to deliver advice on each topic (videos, scripts and visual aids included!) This information includes net worth and spending plan, insurance, estate, charitable giving, investment, financial independence, social security, Medicare planning and small business retirement plans.

The session topics are as follows:

Session One: Overview of what will be covered over the six months and how to get the most out of the sessions; Specific ideas on how to create an Ideal Client Experience; How to create your ideal office environment; What tasks you should consider delegating; How to determine what your ideal client and practice should look like; Elevator Speech; Script of how to speak to prospective clients to set an appointment; Script of the prospective client meeting; and more…

Session Two: The detailed, documented mechanics of Deborah’s proprietary Workflow System which includes over 100 client processes for both your back office operations and for client meetings (these can all be customized to your individual practice); Script of the first new client meeting; Tools & Technology for streamlined workflow processes and a paperless office; The client data gathering process; How to collaborate with other professionals such as attorneys, CPAs and insurance agents; and more…

Session Three: Investing – How to prepare for the meeting; Lots of scripting and visual aids for educating clients on market cycles, market emotions, asset allocation; software recommendations for investment analysis; Factors to consider when determining whether you should keep your investment management process in-house or outsource to a third party money manager; and more…

Session Four: Net Worth and Financial Independence (Retirement) Planning – How to prepare for the meeting; The three components of financial independence planning that will set you apart from other financial advisors; How to model financial independence planning and how to use Monte Carlo analysis so it doesn’t mislead your clients; How to get the most accurate sense of what your client really wants; How to plan when your client still has some years to accumulate funds; How to plan when your client is in the distribution phase to achieve income for life; Unique risk profiling; How to use a unique allocation technique for your client’s distribution phase; and more…

Session Five: Insurance Analysis – How to prepare for the meeting; Scripting, visual aids, templates and detailed planning techniques for understanding, analyzing and explaining life, disability, health, property & casualty and long-term care insurance policies; In depth training on how to analyze the legal language for each line of coverage so you can make sure your clients have the best protection possible (an aspect of planning most advisors aren’t proficient in and don’t cover with their clients – this is one of many aspects about Deborah’s process that can differentiate your service from others’); and more…

Session Six: Estate Planning & Charitable Giving – How to prepare for the meeting; How to analyze what type of estate plan is appropriate for your client; How to determine what your client really wants to accomplish and how emotions may be affecting his or her decision-making; Scripting and visual aids for educating your client; How to collaborate with your client’s estate planning attorney and CPA; How to handle tax planning when you’re not a tax professional; Unique tax planning opportunities for your clients; Questions to have your clients answer so you and they become clear on what their intentions are; Discussion of various charitable giving options; visual aids to assist in educating your client; How to incorporate charitable giving into the overall financial plan; and more…

Session Seven: Small Business Retirement Plans & Social Security – Unique ways to help the small business owner with retirement savings; Bundled and Unbundled plans – which should you use?; How to choose a Third Party Administrator; How to collaborate with your client’s CPA and Actuary when recommending a particular retirement plan; How to analyze and help your clients know when they should begin receiving social security (another area of planning that most financial advisors don’t delve into that will give you the opportunity to set yourself apart) – spousal social security planning can be critical; Scripting and visual aids to educate your client about social security options; and more…

Session Eight: Medicare & Wrapping Up the Initial Planning Process with Your Client – How to prepare for the meeting; The components of Medicare planning; How to advise your clients on choosing the plan that would be right for them; Scripting and visual aids for educating your client; What to include in your client’s written plan and binder; How to identify and prepare for the work ahead with your client over the coming year; How to demonstrate to your client and measure in tangible terms how much has been accomplished since you started working together; and more…

Assistant Training: You will also receive video training for your assistant and office administrative staff.

Coaching: If you choose the program level that includes coaching, you will receive a personal coaching session with Deborah Fox once per month over the six months.

You will also learn:

How to implement a systematized, highly valuable financial planning/wealth management service for your clients that is also profitable for you. You will be taught how to set up your practice with a recurring combination of fee income.

How to work with a client using a documented, step-by-step process from start to finish. You will learn how to work with a client for the first year of service as well as how to specifically conduct review meetings in subsequent years.

How to incorporate money values and attitudes into the planning process. You will be given 6 specific exercises (which includes written materials) you can conduct with your clients that will greatly enhance their overall planning experience. These exercises alone will set you apart from any other advisor in your area!

How to manage client expectations on the front end so both you and your clients achieve the desired outcome.

Instructions on how to position yourself as the “head coach” of your client’s financial planning process and learn how to decide which type of advice you will personally provide and which advice you will outsource to “assistant coaches.”

How to set up your office to create the ideal environment to provide services to your clients.

How to set up and manage your appointment schedule to be professional and efficient.

Exactly what tasks to delegate to a support person to keep you most productive and profitable.

How to convert your practice to a paperless office where you can work from anywhere in the world over an internet connection.

How to effectively and efficiently track and document every step of planning that you do with each client.

Templates, tools and technologies that will simplify your business life and free up hours of your work week.

Ideas on how to add extra touches that make clients feel cherished and appreciated – another huge way to set yourself apart!

Planning techniques and exercises that will differentiate you in your marketplace both in the eyes of consumers and other professionals who can refer clients to you.

The ability to immediately learn and use a proprietary financial planning process.

Full back office support including scripts, templates, live instruction, videos and continuing education.

Coaching to help you succeed (for program Level 3).

A complete system for contacting and serving your existing clients as well as for attracting new clients.

Ready-to-use proprietary seminars for group presentations to your existing clients, prospective clients, CPAs and attorneys.

Instructions and examples of how to create professional, state-of-the-art, customized written comprehensive financial plans for your clients.

Dedicated member-only Resource Center for you to keep up with the latest planning techniques and advisor resources.

Toll-free support

How the Training is Delivered:

The training will be delivered in eight online, recorded video training sessions twice per month during the first and sixth month and then one session per month during months two through five. By meeting once per month you will learn one topic per month that you will be able to immediately work on mastering, implementing and getting results. This schedule will prevent you from becoming overwhelmed.

The Fast-Track to a Fully Systematized Practice™

Fox Financial Planning Network™ is a fast-track financial planning delivery system for you, your staff and your clients. Because we deliver the training in modules, one month at a time, you can create your ideal practice without significantly interrupting your normal day-to-day work. Yet you will have the knowledge and tools to begin working with clients with your upgraded planning process within the first 30 days since your client process is also delivered over time!

At the end of only six months you should have a fully systematized, documented financial planning process that has your practice running smoothly and efficiently and where you have increased not only your revenues, but the amount of free time you have – while at the same time, you have improved the level of service your clients receive from you. So let’s get you started – fill out the inquiry form!