What exactly is the Fox Financial Planning Network?

It’s a one-of-a kind, detailed step-by-step Workflow system paired with an information resource center that enables you to immediately begin to offer a comprehensive financial/wealth management process to your clients using a recurring fee revenue model. This system has been developed and personally used by financial planner, Deborah Fox for over ten years.  (You have probably heard of Deborah through the national industry and media recognition she has received for her unique work in the specialized area of advanced college planning.)  Deborah has been a financial advisor for over 25 years.  She started in the business using a commission-only model.  Over time she realized she wanted to provide comprehensive planning services to her clients in the most objective, transparent manner.  Over time, she perfected her current method of providing services which has proven to be a win/win for both her and her clients.

Deborah’s clients receive high touch, independent, objective advice and her revenue model allows her to work with significantly fewer clients than the average financial advisor so she can build a deeper relationship with them and advise them on virtually all areas of their finances.  In addition, her office procedures are streamlined and documented which frees up time during the week for her to participate in other activities that are important to her.

You have likely thought to yourself dozens of times, “There must be a better way to do things than the way I’m doing them!”  But, for most of you, that’s probably as far as your thoughts have taken you because you realize, in order to get a better outcome, you would have to reinvent much of how you run your practice today.  And that’s painful!  It’s a recognized phenomenon that humans tend to only make changes when they feel it would be more painful to continue doing what they’re doing than making a change.  Think about it:  For many people, a known hell is better than an unknown heaven!

Are you ready to get relief and position your practice so a big drop in revenues will likely never happen to you again?  And what if you can modify how you deliver your services and run your practice where implementing the changes is virtually pain-free because you have a complete, detailed blueprint to follow?  This is exactly what the Fox Financial Planning Network™ will deliver to you.