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  • What exactly is “integrated financial planning”?

    Deborah defines integrated financial planning as “integrating all areas of a client’s finances so they are working together both efficiently and harmoniously, while at the same time taking their highest goals, passions and values into account.” It means helping your clients with all major aspects of their finances.

  • What are the advantages to me if I provide this level of service to my clients?

    It enables you to work with a smaller number of clients.
    The financial advisor who offers the most comprehensive services becomes more irreplaceable to their clients and is rewarded with the highest compensation since your clients receive more services from you.
    You can hand pick your ideal clients which results in you only working with people you truly enjoy working with.
    By working with less clients you are able to build deeper relationships with them and do a better job for them.
    Your services are no longer a commodity in the marketplace (such as investment management services).

  • What are the advantages to my client?

    All areas of their finances have been addressed and integrated during the planning process. Deborah’s process allows time for issues to be thoroughly thought through and discussed.
    Your clients are no longer getting disjointed advice from half a dozen financial professionals.
    Your clients are now working with someone they feel they can truly trust and have confidence in and who fully understands their situation. Your clients also benefit from the deeper relationship they build with you.

  • If there are so many great advantages to providing this type of planning, why don’t more advisors deliver services such as this to their clients?

    Advisors are typically busy trying to run their existing practice. They don’t have the time to figure out all the details of how to change what they are currently doing. Documenting all the day-to-day operations of a practice can take hundreds of hours. It can be an overwhelming task.
    There are a lot of moving parts to providing a high level of service to clients. Most advisors do not have their businesses systematized which makes it virtually impossible to deliver this level of service.
    Many advisors lack the technical expertise in one or more areas of planning that prevents them from offering more comprehensive services.

  • What can I get out of becoming a member if I already provide comprehensive planning services?

    One of the biggest benefits of becoming a member is to receive Deborah’s fully systematized and documented planning process which includes over 100 processes for the day-to-day operations for both your back office and time in front of clients. This workflow can be customized for your particular practice. If your practice is not yet systematized, this one deliverable alone can potentially save you hundreds of hours of time.

    In addition the scripts, templates and visual aids will be valuable items to replace or add to what you are already using. Seasoned financial advisors that have already gone through the training have commented how helpful Deborah’s approach to each planning area has been. Certain methodologies that Deborah will teach you will likely help you streamline your practice and upgrade the level of service you are providing to your clients.

  • I have participated in other coaching programs. Isn’t this the same type of thing?

    No. This system provides you with specific details, materials and technology on how to do analysis and conduct clients meetings for all steps of an integrated financial planning process.  You also receive a complete workflow system template that you can customize to fit your practice.  We don’t know of any other offering like this.

  • Can I customize the materials for my practice?

    Yes. You can change the materials to fit your practice. The materials remain under our copyright and you cannot share any of the information and materials with others (in or out of your office) unless authorized to do so in writing. The materials are for your personal use and for use with your own clients in your financial advisory practice only.

  • How will the training be delivered?

    The training will be delivered in eight recorded online training sessions; Two sessions during the first and sixth month; one session per month during months two through five. These online sessions are available using our customized resource center which includes video. The recorded sessions can be viewed 24/7 at your convenience. There is no travel time or expenses for you to incur.

    By meeting over a period of six months, you will have the ability to gradually roll-out your new services without getting overwhelmed. After each session you will be able to immediately begin implementing and mastering a specific topic area. After only one month into the program, you may be in the position to begin working with new clients. In fact, you may be able to recoup your entire investment into the program as soon as you begin working with your first client!

  • Are there ongoing fees or yearly renewal costs associated with the training?

    You only pay a one-time fee for the program. There is a small monthly fee that provides continued access to the Resource Center and its continued benefits. You may cancel the monthly Resource Center fee at any time after the initial 6 month program. (The Resource Center is a central library of information that contains the training, tools, workflow system and content that will provide you with in-depth materials on various planning strategies and keep you updated on important changes that occur going forward so you can stay current.) It also includes a monthly live group session with Deborah.

  • Can I pay with a credit card?

    Yes. You can pay the full payment or monthly payments by credit or debit card on our secure merchant site.

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