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I will be presenting two live 30-minute webinars with Redtail Technology this month. The first one will be on how to build effective workflows.

The second webinar will show you the brand new, customizable workflow system templates that are built into the new Redtail Tailwag workflow engine.

We are very excited about the new information and tools I will be showing that will allow Redtail users to work more efficiently and deliver superior service to your clients.

The last time we did a webinar series with Redtail, all seats were filled so register today!

The registration links for the webinars are below. You will need to register for each webinar separately.

The webinars below have already taken place and have been recorded. Click Here to view them.

Webinar #1: How to Construct Effective Workflows and Procedures That Everyone Will Use

30-Minute Webinar
Tuesday, March 17, 2015 at 10:00 AM Pacific (Noon Central, 1:00 PM Eastern)
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Are you still working reactively rather than proactively? You already know it is important to have documented systems in place to be organized and deliver a consistent level of high quality service. The best way to create and leverage the benefits of well-designed repeatable processes is to build workflows with attached procedures within a CRM’s workflow engine. Deborah Fox, CEO and Founder of Fox Financial Planning Network will guide you through how to best construct workflows and procedures within Redtail’s new Tailwag CRM so you and your team can effortlessly work together to complete daily client-facing and back office tasks as efficiently as possible.

Deborah will provide you with tips and best practices on how to effectively construct your workflows so they actually “flow”. As both a long-time industry consultant and practicing financial advisor that spearheaded the building of a complete workflow system for her own firm many years ago, Deborah  will provide you with a unique perspective and shortcuts for getting your own workflow system in place to save time and provide a higher level of service without working harder.  Register Here

Webinar #2: How to Leverage the Redtail Tailwag Workflow Engine to Get Organized, Work More Efficiently & Track Firm Activity

30-Minute Webinar
Thursday, March 19, 2015 at 10:00 AM Pacific (Noon Central, 1:00 PM Eastern)
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Just having written procedures aren’t enough to achieve the efficiencies most advisors and their staff are seeking. Those written procedures need to be built into a robust workflow engine that can make them come alive, easy to use and automate as many steps as possible. Deborah Fox, CEO and Founder of Fox Financial Planning Network will introduce you to the Tailwag workflow engine components by providing a demo of how to build effective workflows into the engine so they not only work, but will also get adopted by your team.

Deborah will share her expertise with you so you can avoid many of the mistakes she and her team made. At the end of the session, Deborah will also give you a sneak peak of the FFPN Tailwag Workflow System Templates that are programmed into the Tailwag workflow engine available for purchase so you don’t need to start from scratch. Register Here

Deborah Fox

About the Author:

Deborah Fox is CEO and Founder of Fox Financial Planning Network (FFPN). Deborah has been a financial advisor running her own firm for over 25 years. She is nationally known for her unique planning processes and for instructing and coaching financial advisors on how to work more efficiently in order to free up time and increase profits, all while delivering a higher level of client services.