Increase Both Your Advisors’ Productivity and Your Bottom Line

The best-positioned financial institutions have found a renewed focus on providing the most effective practice and business management tools and resources required to attract and retain the most desirable advisors. The reason is clear:  Good practice management drives advisor success, satisfaction and loyalty.

Now more than ever, advisors are seeking out value-added benefits from the institutions that serve them.  When you provide advisors with the tools to become more successful, your organization not only reaps increased financial benefits, you also benefit from an industry-positioning standpoint.

In fact, according to our research, practice management has become the top offering and marketing message institutions are promoting to differentiate themselves from the thousands of organizations vying for advisor attention.

However, for many organizations, delivering and actually getting advisors to implement practice management platforms or systems is the biggest challenge. We have learned that certain institutions have heavily invested in the development of practice management tools that, for the most part, have not been adopted by advisors.

In addition, most traditional consulting engagements and programs are typically utilized by only the most successful advisory firms, which leaves behind the largest subset of firms that, with proper assistance, can scale and grow to become highly successful firms.

Since we are a practicing financial advisory firm ourselves and have deep experience in working with hundreds of other firms, we have discovered that the critical success factor to adoption is to provide the right level of detail with the flexibility to customize for individual advisor needs. When it comes to financial advisors, we understand one size definitely doesn’t fit all. We have invented a one-of-a-kind information and training delivery process that serves the masses.

Instead of providing your advisors with materials or services that prove to be ineffective and do not generate an acceptable return on investment, set your enterprise apart with the cutting-edge, results-oriented solutions offered through Fox Financial Planning Network.

Turnkey Client Service Workflow System

Take advantage of the proven workflows, procedures, checklists and other templates to enable your advisors to systematize their practices, reduce and automate workflow steps and provide a consistent, higher level of service to their clients without working harder.  FFPN’s client service workflow system can be integrated seamlessly into all of the industry’s leading CRMs to provide your advisors with the ability to streamline operations, build in compliance, while improving profitability.

Advisors now complain that other workflow templates in the marketplace are too general and fall short of being usable. In addition, most advisors never receive the necessary training to learn how to effectively adopt and utilize a workflow system based on their specific size firm and business model. FFPN’s workflow system, on the other hand, offers the required level of detail and the ability to customize accompanied by the necessary training advisors need for successful adoption and integration into their practices.

Advisor Coaching and Consulting

Provide your top advisors with access to our veteran advisor coaching and consulting to ensure they maximize the use of their customized and integrated systems, workflows, technology and human capital needed to turbo-charge their businesses. With our nearly 30 years of experience operating and managing a successful advisory practice and over 20 years of experience consulting financial advisors, your affiliated advisors will be able to tap into our unique resources and body of knowledge to implement the techniques, methodologies and processes to run highly efficient and profitable businesses.

Train the Trainer

Empower your business and practice management consultants and Relationship Managers with the information, tools, templates and processes to work directly with advisors. The goodwill and loyalty generated from your practice management and workflow system offerings can effectively accrue to your organization rather than to a third-party industry provider.

We offer a full suite of educational and training resources, detailed client services workflow templates and technology recommendations specifically designed for both advisors and their staff. All of these components are delivered to them on a unique technology platform to provide you with the leverage you need to reach all of your advisors in a holistic and efficient manner.

Learn more about how Fox Financial Planning Network can help position you as a leader in helping advisors reach the next level of success. To contact us, you may fill out our Contact Form or call us at 888-403-2328