Redtail Webinar Recordings

These are the recordings of webinars

we conducted in partnership with Redtail


The following is a series of 2 webinars.

#1 Using Redtail Automations with Workflows to

Enhance Productivity

#2 Build Your Own Workflow Automations


Build Your Own Workflow Automations

#2 of 2 webinars


Client Touches Webinar



Live Workflow Walkthrough Webinar in Redtail Tailwag


Below are two 30 minute webinars from earlier this year



 Want to have your own workflow system in your Redtail CRM?

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Previously Archived Recordings are Below:

Redtail Technology Workflow Recorded Webinars

Building & Utilizing a Workflow System

What is a Workflow System?


Step-by-Step on How to Build a Workflow System in Redtail


How to Use Your Workflow System on a Day-to-Day Basis