On-demand, online recorded video training sessions on best practices and program implementation.

You receive eight recorded video training sessions delivered over six months. This enables you to work on establishing / improving your practice one step at a time, yet still tend to your regular daily business activities. Because the information is recorded, you can review the training as often as you wish. Deborah Fox personally delivers these sessions and provides you with literally dozens of ideas on how to best systematize your practice in each area of planning. She also shares with you exactly how she does things in her personal practice to both work most efficiently and stand out from the crowd.

You also get live access to Deborah once per month during a group session held online. This is your opportunity to get your questions answered and hear about new ideas, planning tips and updates. You can also sign up for individual coaching with Deborah to help you customize all the processes and materials according to how you want to run your practice and to hold you accountable to your goals. (Based on availability.)

  Workflow & Tools

Fully customizable workflows, procedures and templates to systematize your client services.

Most practitioners feel they don’t have the time to spend documenting their processes, let alone figuring out how to idealize their operations. Yet to run a practice most efficiently and to deliver excellent service consistently, it is essential to have documented, written processes in place. This involves identifying and writing down every step of every major task that needs to be performed and identifying who should be handling it.

Documenting the daily tasks of a practice can be an enormous project and take hundreds of hours. But it doesn’t have to! As a member of our Network, Deborah will hand over the exact Workflow System she and her staff use on a daily basis. This includes are over 100 pre-written, pre-formatted documents that provides you with a huge shortcut to systematize the delivery of your client services. These documents include  workflows, processes, checklists, templates, scripts and client presentations that you can just tweak according to how you choose to do business.

By beginning with our Workflow System and going through our training sessions each month, if you stay on track, you can realistically have your practice fully systematized within six months! And throughout the process, Deborah helps you think through each area of planning so you can decide how (or if) you personally want to handle it; so in the end, you have developed what you deem to be Your Perfect Practice.


Recommendations and training on how to integrate technology options to work efficiently.

There is no doubt about it, the technology revolution has definitely hit the financial advisory profession. Now more than ever you can utilize technology to work more efficiently, provide a higher level of service to your clients, replace manual labor hours and perform almost instantly, complex analyses that used to take days or weeks to complete. If you are a smaller firm, you can use the right combinations of technology to compete with larger firms; if you are part of a larger firm, you can use technology to finally standardize your financial planning / wealth management advice for consistent and compliant delivery across the firm.

As a member of Fox Financial Planning Network you will be provided with various technology integration ideas that can help you leverage your time, work smarter and help keep you compliant. You will also be introduced to new technology solutions as they are identified. Using various technology solutions to their full capabilities can almost immediately improve your working environment and your clients’ experience working with your firm.

    Resource Center

Online member-only library that contains training & materials to stay up-to-date, including a monthly live group session.

The financial advisory profession is ever changing. It is important to stay up-to-date on industry regulations, cutting-edge planning strategies, technology enhancements and the evolving needs of your clients. Our Resource Center is a place to assist you with all of this. It is a virtual library of information that can help keep you at the top of your game. Our online Resource Center is organized so you can quickly access information in any of the planning areas we cover. It is also the place you will find the recorded training sessions, Workflow System and archived recordings of the monthly live group sessions with Deborah.

Each month we add new content that can assist you in working more efficiently, help you attract new clients and deliver services that turn your existing clients into raving fans. The library of content is provided both by our office, as well as by selected resource providers who are experts in their niche and have committed to contributing valuable content for our members. Many of these resource providers have also agreed to offer significant discounts on their services to our members and some also offer valuable research or information to our membership for free that they normally charge a fee for to the public. The Resource Center also includes a forum so you can interact with other like-minded members of the Network.

When you combine all the above components you have a powerful program that will allow you to fully systematize your practice, deliver a higher level of service to your clients and allow you to achieve your model of Your Perfect Practice™.