What Makes the Fox Financial Planning Network Process Unique?

Over the years, Deborah has created her proprietary planning process after speaking to and studying literally dozens of successful financial advisors who provide financial planning services.  Her process is constructed in such a way that an advisor can deliver services in a consistent, yet highly personalized manner.  Most importantly, the client participates in the process throughout and there is great emphasis on implementation along the way so that once the initial engagement is complete, the client has a fully implemented comprehensive financial plan according to their values.

The first year of services becomes a launching pad for planning during the subsequent years.  The Fox Financial Planning Network™ delivers a process that enables you to be your client’s trusted advisor year after year.  A financial plan is always a work in progress.  It will provide the support and techniques you need to deliver value and results to your clients on a continuous basis.

Also noteworthy, as Deborah worked with clients over time, she recognized that to accumulate and maintain long term wealth, clients need to do more than just have someone “crunch the numbers.”  She found it is also necessary for clients to understand how they each view and understand money, how couples interact about financial decisions, the necessity to create a clear vision of where they want to be financially and the importance of designing their second active stage of life: financial independence; the stage of life where a client is not likely to outlive their money and can plan their days based on what they want to do without worrying about their finances.

Clients can learn who they are through how they handle their money.  By discussing how they earn it, spend it, save and invest it and give it away, they have the potential to reach levels of prosperity they never dreamed possible.  A financial advisor can be the conduit through which that happens; and the result is a client for life and the most fulfilling work you’ve ever done.