The Fox Workflow System is Available Directly in the Redtail CRM Workflow Engine.  

It's All Fully Customizable Too!

Unleash the Power of Your CRM With Workflows

Systematize Your Processes

We already built the workflow system and even installed it into Redtail.

Become More Efficient 

Prevent tasks from falling through the cracks.

Documented Processes

Having documented processes built into your CRM helps you meet your compliance requirements.

Make the Leap to be More Efficient

Automated Systems and Processes Will Transform Your Entire Firm

View a Demo of the Workflows in Redtail

Watch an example of how our workflows work in Redtail

Choose Your Workflow Library:

Each workflow is broken down into steps and each step has a detailed procedure included by role in firm. Firm roles included are senior advisor, junior advisor and administrative position (or team).

Basic Workflows

Categories included:  

1.Prospect Meeting (includes Client Onboarding)  

2.Schedule a Meeting (for any type of client meeting)  

3.Initial Planning Meeting  

4.Investment Planning Meeting  

5.Review Meeting  

6.New Client Opportunity or New Service Offering  

7.Client Account Transfer In  

8.Client Account Withdrawal Request  

9.Client Required Minimum Distribution  

10.Client Change of Personal Information

Complete Workflows

Categories included:  

 1. Prospect Meeting (includes Client Onboarding)  

  2. Schedule a Meeting (All Planning Meetings)  

  3. Initial Planning Meeting  

  4. Client Portal Set-Up  

  5. Investment Planning Meeting  

  6. Insurance & Spending Planning Meeting  

  7. Outsource Insurance Analysis to an Insurance Professional  

  8. Estate Planning & Charitable Giving Meeting  

  9. Outsource Estate Planning Analysis to an Estate Attorney  

10. Retirement Planning Meeting  

11. Financial Plan Delivery Meeting  

12. Review Meeting  

13. Readiness to Retire Meeting  

14. New Client Opportunity or New Service Offerring  

15. Client Account Transfer in  

16. Client Account Withdrawal Request  

17. Client Birthday List  

18. Client Change of Personal Information 

19. Client Death  

20. Client Insurance Document Collection 

21. Client Medicare Open Enrollment  

22. Client Mortgage Application or Refinance 

23. Client Referral Gift  

24. Client Required Minimum Distribution 

25. Client Social Security Enrollment  

26. Client Tax Document Collection  

27. Client Termination  

28. Office Cleaning  

29. Office Supplies Ordering

NexGen Planners Workflows  

For more information about NexGen Planners and our workflow library and training platform please contact us.


Basic Workflows Fee  

  The system is licensed based on advisor users: ​  

  1 - 3 Advisors- One payment of $900  

  4 - 6 Advisors- One payment of $1,100  

  7 - 9 Advisors- One payment of $1,300  

​ 10 or more Advisors- Contact Us  


Complete Workflows  

  The system is licensed based on advisor users: 

  1 - 3 Advisors- Two payments of $1,250

  4 - 6 Advisors- Two payments of $1,750

  7 - 9 Advisors- Two payments of $2,250 

  10 or more Advisors- Contact Us  


NexGen Planners Workflows  

For more information about NexGen Planners and our workflow library and training platform, please contact us.

Who We Are

Deborah Fox is CEO and founder of Fox Financial Planning Network (FFPN). We are nationally known for our comprehensive set of resources that enable advisors and the institutions that serve them to become more efficient and increase profitability, ensure compliance and scale their business to grow.

Deborah has been a practicing financial advisor since 1984 and is known nationally for her unique approach to holistic planning and wealth management services. She was one of the earliest adopters of moving her business into the cloud and incoporating detailed systems and web based technology to work more efficiently, profitably and be able to offer a higher level of service to her clients without working harder.  

FFPN works with firms of all sizes, institutions and technology providers and Deborah is regularly interviewed and quoted by many publications such as the Wall Street Journal, Fortune, BusinessWeek, Newsweek, Forbes, Money, Fox News, Kiplinger’s, Financial Advisor, Investment News and other industry publications. She is regularly asked to present at FPA, AICPA, T3 Technology and other industry conferences. Fox Financial Planning Network is based in San Diego, CA.

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